How To Increase your Website Domain Authority

Here is how to increase the domain authority of your website for free. Domain authority is key to SEO.

what is domain authority?
Domain Authority Definition -
Domain Authority, abbreviated as, DA is the measure of 'trust' in relation to the 'predictive' ability of a domain to rank highly on Google's organic search results page of a particular domain. Notice the keywords "trust" and "predictive". This shows that domain authority changes with time.

A domain with an ideal domain authority can either increase or decrease their score as well as a domain with a low domain authority can improve radically . But how is domain authority measured ?
Domain Authority Score ;the domain authority score of a domain is awarded on a scale of 0-100, with a good domain authority score being 30 and above . The following tips will help you realize how to improve domain authority :

  1. Domain Age
    What does the age of a domain say about its domain authority ? Well , the older a domain is , the higher the trust and predictability awarded by search engines (Google....) . A domain that is aged 6 months and above is good . I bet you can't forward time . Just sit back and watch the increase of your domain authority with time.
  2. Domain Niche
    Please, focus on a niche (topic) . This is basic to improve your domain authority . You can't just go about writing about every Tom , Dick and Harry on your site. Remember "trust" and "predictability" are key, the two factors Google and other search engines value the most. There are billions of topics, just stick to one niche to increase domain authority.
  3. Increase Domain Web Pages
    Google can gauge the authority of a site by the number of pages it has apart from the index page. The higher the pages, the higher the domain authority. Common sense?! If you have book with 1oo pages and another with only 10 pages, which one's more authoritative? I guess the 100 paged one. But what if it is 100 paged with nonsense and 10 paged book has 8 pages of quality? This rings a bell to another factor, see how to increase Page Authority.
  4. Domain Backlinks
    What builds trust? The number of inbound links to your site makes it easy for Google to predict your domain authority. backlinks act as votes and they also improve a domain 's Google pagerank which in turn will increase domain authority. However, the quality of votes (backlinks) matters a lot. Links from sites with poor domain authority do not add much. See how to increase quality backlinks to your domain.
  5. Diversify Content
    Don't use one style to write your content. you can always use images (remember Google has an image search) and also create videos and upload them to your site. This will improve the strength of your content and hence increase domain authority.
  6. Time on Site
    Does your domain attract unique visitors or just passers-by? What does the bounce rate of your domain say about its authority? Quality attracts quality. Your domain should be in a position to attract unique visitors who spend an adequate amount of time on it. This way, Google will increase the trust it has on your domain and Domain Authority increases just like that.

How to Check Domain Authority

Since you now know how to increase domain authority, it's logical to check your domain authority score. The following is how to check domain authority :

If you want to check domain authority from this site, you can use the Domain Authority Checker Tool. However, if you are interested in other Domain Authority Checker toolbars online, here is a list :

1. MozBar
This Domain Authority Checker Toolbar is provided by MOZ Inc. You can visit their site at for more.

2. Moonsy
Moonsy has a lot of web tools for different uses. They also have a Domain Authority Checker that is quite simple to use. Visit them at

3. Open Site Explorer
This site also help you check Domain Authority.